Monday, December 12, 2011

Apply for a loan credit score drops?

i have applied for a car loan over the internet. a used car dealership website advertises they can finance people with bad credit, bankrutcy or no credit. i dont know how they can do this or find a loaner. my understanding is IF you have a bankrutcy or BAD credit or NO credit its like very hard to get a loan for anything. i hadnt heard from them yet. i am wondering if they had been going through multiple lenders to get me financed. Question......If you apply for a loan they have to check your credit score ect. how many points to you lose from they check?Apply for a loan credit score drops?
You can use this credit monitoring service to pre-estimate future scores for different scenarios of such payments - buildcredit.ifastnet.comApply for a loan credit score drops?
When applying for a ';bad credit'; loan, follow the following guidelines:

?Make sure they are a reputable company - check them out

?The cost will be significantly lower if you can provide any collateral, or a co-signor with acceptable credit

?Always read the fine print - you do not want any surprises such as pre-payment penalties

?Remember everything is negotiable - especially fees!

?Do not borrow more than you really need - the hole just gets bigger.

If you are granted a loan, make sure you stay current on the payments as this will help or hurt your fragile credit standing. As soon as you can, begin a credit repair program to climb out of this mess so you can get back to normal credit costs as quickly as possible.
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Usually every time you have an inquiry on your credit bureau your score drops. I don't know exactly how many points, but not a lot. If you have multiple inquiry's when shopping for an auto loan most bureaus will only count it as one so it shouldn't have a great impact on your credit score. What you do after you get your loan will have the greatest impact, so make sure you stay current on your loan and bring up that credit score. Good luck.

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