Monday, December 12, 2011

How do I go about buying a car with no credit without having a large down payment?

See I dont have anything on my credit but they treat me like I have the worst credit this side of the Mississippi. This is actually my first car and everywhere I go its either I get denied or they want a downpayment of $4000 or better. I just want a good reliable used car $11,999 or under. Im just getting tired of being turned down and then them telling me its better to have no credit than bad credit. How is that when my roommate has really really really bad credit but gets approved faster than I can.How do I go about buying a car with no credit without having a large down payment?
go to orchard and apply for a credit card. this type of master card is made for people who have zero credit or very poor credit. there is a $20 processing fee and they charge you $8.00 per month but it is worth it to get started. use this card for a few months always paying off more than the minimum balance then go to a bank and get a regular credit card and close the orchard bank card. also, you can go to the bank and get a loan of about $500. they put this $500 in an account and pull your payments out of the account and this will build you credit. also, instead of applying for credit at the dealership apply for a car loan at a bank. they are more willing to work with you.How do I go about buying a car with no credit without having a large down payment?
do you have a job. Most car co are looking for buyers these days. Also, you can try to get a loan from a credit union (you can join one, and then apply for a loan). You can also try going to capital one website and applying for a car loan. They will ask how much, and send you a check for that amount (I did this before). Also, try You should receive some e-mails back from several banks and you pick which loan you want (I did this too).
I am a salesman and I have 3 different banks who work with just your situation......1st time buyers programs help our dealership sell 20+ cars extra a month I could get you done with $0 to no more than $1000 down to help establish your credit.......leasing is also an option with $1000 down if you truely have 0 credit.....if intrested let me know my name is Bryan Brooks and I work at Greenbrier Dodge in Chesapeake,VA if you dodnt live in the area I can still have the car dropped off at your front door within a couple days you can call me at 1(757)420-2800........looking foward to hearing from you!!!!
Well if you aren't hurting for a car- start building your credit- get one credit card, buy some stuff you would normally pay for yourself with your money, then when the bill comes pay off the whole thing, this will increase your limit, keep doing this and your limit will increase- after a few thousand dollar limit go back to get a car.
I know this sounds incredibly strange, but people with no credit have worse credit then those with terrible credit. I don't understand it either! One way to get around this is to get someone you know to cosign for you. I just had to do that. My mother was nice enough to. Hope you can find some one to help!
You need to buy anything at all with them you are reliable and on time with payments and people will be contacting you endlessly to try and give you credit. Other than that, you can contact the mafia or something.
You'll probably end up with a high monthly payment w/out a good downpayment.

start building your credit slowly, with a small credit card for home depot for example.

and btw, no credit hinders your life worse than bad credit.
Bad credit is better than no credit at all unfortunately. Here in VA we have a few places where they take your job as credit, but I think you still need a pretty hefty down payment. Good luck dear!
You need a co-signer. Ask a parent, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, friend, whatever.
try getting someone you know to co-sign for you. sometimes this can help. other than that, i got nothin'.
Turn the table on the situation for a second, buddy. Some dude walks up to you that you don't know from Adam and asks you to borrow $12,000. He has absolutely NO history of ever borrowing money before. Honestly kid, would you consider loaning YOUR money to him? Of course not. The world is tough, tiger. Get used to it.

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