Monday, December 12, 2011

High income, bad credit, how do I fix it?

I have high income, but bad credit (645). My low credit score is a bit of a mystery to me. I've never gone into severe credit card debt, I've had two auto loans I've paid off satisfactorily, and I've had student loans I paid off satisfactorily. There are some bad marks from accounts I thought were closed and paid off but remained opened (I paid these the instant I discovered them), and a series of late payments due to credit card fees I didn't realize I has acquired on a card I rarely used (we're talking less than 10 dollars). Even bank agents see my credit report versus credit score and scratch their head.

In attempts to fix this I've opened credit card accounts with high limits (had to go the secured route first), no budge on my credit score. I've used them and paid them off, no budge on my credit score. I've paid off all my debt and now have $0 in debt, no budge on my credit score. Buy anything I can on credit and pay it off, no budge on my credit score. I keep adding good marks and my score goes no where.

I'm responsible with money and yet I'm stuck not being able to buy a house. Is there anything I can do to help improve my credit score? I feel like I'm stuck in a credit catch 22, I keep getting told I need more cards with high limits or a mortgage to improve my score but I can't get either because my score is so low.

Has anyone who's been in this situation have any advice?High income, bad credit, how do I fix it?
小redit repair work械d fine to fix my credit. They disputed and removed lots of bad items from my credit report. I used this service - credit-report-score.10001mb.comHigh income, bad credit, how do I fix it?
My instinct is to send you to the bank where you would most likely take out a mortgage and have a conference with the most knowledgeable loan officer there. Let him look through your credit report (take it with you as you don't want him to order it) and give you any suggestions.

The important thing now is to save funds for your down payment. With 20% down you will find it easier to purchase.

An other option is to look for a home for sale with seller financing. It needs to have no existing due-on-sale financing so probably will be a free-and-clear property that has an older seller. With a decent down payment and a copy of your credit report showing no open balances and good recent repayment, you should be able to convince the seller to take a chance on you. has a lot of good information on credit score and how to raise your credit score.
Honestly, just start paying down debts, and have patience. It really is that simple. The more debt you have, the lower you score will potentially be.

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