Monday, December 12, 2011

How do i get a credit card with no credit history?

how do i get a credit card with no credit history or bank accounts. i need a credit card asap. i would like to get my credit score up so i can purchase a car.How do i get a credit card with no credit history?
Well i have 2 credit cards and i got them when i didn't have a job. Im a student and i have no credit either. And they have really highlimits. Si if can get one so can you. I have them thru Bank of America. Try thru them. Good luck.How do i get a credit card with no credit history?
try with some credit unions.. you might be lucky to get one..
you are applying for the wrong card, apply for a orchard bank card this card will get you approved no matter what but this card is just good to get your credit started. Use it for at least 6 months just to build some credit enough to get a better card latter on. check out under poor or no credit section.
i had bad credit and easily attained one from orchard bank. orchard banks rate is reasonable and will get you started. it might be more difficult because of the economy but its worth a try. if you have no luck there think about a secured credit card. just a side not orchard bank has a yearly fee but most credit cards do and its worth it to get you started. also my husband had no credit and no one would give him a loan with a reasonable interest rate. we tried a credit union and got a loan with a great interest rate. if you just want to purchase a car i would suggest skipping the credit card and just applying for a loan at a credit union. if you get the loan just make your car payment on time and in six months you will have a good credit score. good luck.
You will need a cosigner if you are under 18. Your parents are best. If you default on the payments the cosigner has to pay for you plus interest. Credit cards aren't that great but you do need some credit history so don't go crazy with your card when you get it. Negative card history is even worse then no history.
over 18: YOu dont need a credit history to get a credit card. YOu can just sign up for one, but you do need proof of bank account and person.

Under 18: need to get permission from parents....

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