Monday, December 12, 2011

How do I report someone for credit card fraud?

I know someone (yes, I know for sure) and their mother are using their grandmother and handicapped sister's credit to get credit cards. These two people have spent over $10,000 in the last two weeks with these credit cards. I dont have any way of telling the victims of what is being done to them nor do I know what company the credit cards were received from. How do I and who do I report these people to? I cant stand to watch them take advantage of an elderly lady and a handicapped lady. I dont think that the police would do anything about it if I called them since its just word of mouth and no proof.How do I report someone for credit card fraud?
I think you should start with the police. They will tell you if they need more than your word to investigate this, or if they can act on that information alone.

If no satisfaction there, check with your county's district attorney's office to see if they have a unit that handles this. Lastly, most states now have special state agencies set up to investigate and prosecute elder abuse cases. Your state attorney general's office should be able to refer you.

If they really are doing this, please do something if you can.

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