Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting something deleted from your credit report?

I recently checked my credit score and credit report - and it was good!!

But I noticed on my account from 2 years ago, it said I was 30 days late on my Capital One credit card. It is VERY unlike me to be late (never late on anything!) I called to try and find out more about it because I don't recall ever being late and I don't see how/why I would be over 30 days late! They guy at Capital One said that once they report something to credit bureaus, it is out of their hands. So I called Trans Union, and the lady I spoke with said she would file a dispute and if they found it to be accurate I could call Capital One back and get details.

What I am trying to figure out is - is there anything I can do to get SOMEONE to delete this if it is found to be accurate? I've have my credit card for 5 years and always pay all my bills etc on time.

I have heard of something called a ';pay for delete'; - where you can pay to have a negative remark deleted- is this common? About how much is it?

I have also heard that with some credit cards if you pay the full balance off they delete any negative marks - is this true? I have a very small balance that I have kept on it, but paying it off would be no problem.

Once the dispute is filed Capital One has 30 days to respond and either prove that the information is correct or not, if not the information must be removed.

Actually you need to file a dispute direct with Capital One that way if the information is incorrect they will be responsible for notifying all three credit bureaus. This will save you the hassle of disputing it with all three bureaus yourself.

If how ever the information is found to be correct there is no way to remove it except time. Pay for delete agreements do not work with original creditors only with secondary collection companies.

And as others have already pointed out even if the information is correct it's so old that any affect on your credit is very, very minimal.Getting something deleted from your credit report?
';pay for delete'; is likely a scam. Paynig off the balance, doesn't delete negative marks.

But honestly, if you only have one late payment in 5 years, likely no one will penalize you for it. It shouldn't keep you from getting a loan or anything.
No, you cannot get it deleted if it is accurate. But honestly, one late payment form two years ago doesn't have a big impact on your score - and the impact further lessens as time goes by.
小redit repair work械d fine to fix my credit. They disputed and removed lots of bad items from my credit report. I used this service -
things stay on it for a long while.. and in all relaity, it isnt worth it to delete. there wasnt a trend in it was it? companies will look at older late payments and see if there is a trend, and can be predicted, and though as you said, is more a fluke if anyhting, it was a one tim eonly deal and nothing lead up to it. so it wouldnt matter all too much.

but al lin all, if it is accurate, you cannot get rid of it untill it has been removed by them. it has to run its life. though I dont know what the life span of late payments on cards is for reports.. cant get witeout for creddit reports, and cant edit what you have on it like a resume.

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