Monday, December 12, 2011

How would one go about getting a credit card with no credit score?

i am 18 years old and i want to start building some credit but with todays economy its not so easy to get a credit card are there any credit companies giving out credit cards easier than others. i applied for a bestbuy card and got shot downHow would one go about getting a credit card with no credit score?
Open a savings account, or if you have one with about $300.00-$500.00 dollars go to your bank and get a secured credit card against your savings account.How would one go about getting a credit card with no credit score?
Go to, click on Credit Education. Read all you can, because what you don't know CAN hurt you. Go to this link and watch a video about a secured card:

';Since getting a secure card is often a method for establishing or rebuilding credit, you want to be sure the secure card company reports to all three of the credit bureaus. Otherwise, using your secure credit card responsibly won't help your score. Also, some secure credit cards have the option to convert to a regular credit card, so you might also inquire about that feature.';

To choose a card, go to, choose the Credit Cards tab. Under ';Compare Credit Card Rates, click on Select by Credit Card Type %26lt;Search%26gt;. On the right, choose the Credit Card Type - Secured Card -%26lt;Update%26gt; and compare the cards to see which is best for you. If you have bad credit, switch Credit Card Type to Credit Type.

Another option for you might be a student card. Using the information above, choose Student Card instead of Secured Card.

There is a Calculators button on the blue line above the tabs. From there you can play around with balances and how much interest you would pay if you charge a lot but only pay the minimum when you get an unsecured card.

Another great link: Federal Trade Commission ?Facts for Consumers ?Building a Better Credit Report

You are entitled by law to a free credit report once a year from EACH of the three major credit bureaus. I recommend you check each bureau once a year, a different one every four months. The only site to get a totally free credit report is Make sure everything is correct. Your FICO score is not free, however.
If you have a job and $500 in a savings account, convert it into a secured credit card. Most banks should be able to set it up for you.Make sure they belong to the credit bureau. Use it for gas and small items only and always pay the balance the following month.
The best option would be applying for a secured credit card. Secured credit cards work just like an ordinary card, but secured by a deposit account owned by the cardholder.

When you are using secured credit card it is best that you pay on time and avoid having the credit card issuer to take money from your deposit. This is because credit card issuers will often upgrade your secured credit card to regular credit card after a few months of making payments on time.

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