Monday, December 12, 2011

How can someone with no credit history get a credit card?

I just turned 18 a few weeks ago and would now like to get a credit card, however, I keep getting turned down because I have no credit history. What can I do, or what credit card can I get that I would be eligible for, to get my credit history and rating up?How can someone with no credit history get a credit card?
well, i don't know what it's like now (different financial environment than when i was in college) but when i was in college you could go fill out an app and get a card right away--so are you going to be in college soon?

another thing--try to get a store card (like sears or jcpenny) that's a way to prove yourself worthy with a small credit limit...

just make sure you're careful and don't overuse the card...How can someone with no credit history get a credit card?
Join a co-op. They will give you a card similar to a credit card, which will help you earn interest. However, I strongly recommend making sure you are able to afford the things you buy with any type of card.
Start out with a store like Target that will give a very limited amount at first. Charge small amounts, pay off each mont ahead of the due by date. In a while they will indrease your limit, but do not let it get out of hand - every time you charge, put away the cash so you are sure to be able to pay the bill. If you cannot get one of those, you can get a prepaid one ( you pay in advance of charging) until you prove you are dependable.
i had the same problem to but i received my first credit card offer which i didn't apply for and responded to the offer and got the card but for you go to hsbc com and apply for a credit card . but my advice to you don't go applying like crazy for credit cards the more you apply the more you hurt and damage your credit .or go to credit
It can be hard--trust me, I've been there.

Both me and another person were able to get a Capital One ';Platinum'; (the no frills card) with zero credit history. They seem to be pretty easy to get.

If you're a student, get a student credit card. You're almost guaranteed to get approved.

Other than that, the next best thing is a secured card.

That's where you pay a set amount of money as a deposit, and that is your credit line. You aren't actually being given credit, but it builds your score.

You can also get a co-signer on a card from a few lenders. US Bank is the only place I know of off the top of my head that allows co-signers on credit cards.

That should get ya started. :)
Try Bank of America ($500.00 deposit) secured credit card.Your deposit is a CD and earn some miniscule amount of interest.With a secured card you can't spend more than you have and you will gain experience in paying the charges you make.But be careful they will entice you to be late or go over your $500.00 credit and tag you with a $29.00 fee.

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