Monday, December 12, 2011

How to Prevent Identity Theft?were can i get my credit report?

i don't want my identity to be stolen so what i wanna know is how to prevent my identity from being stolen?honestly i have bad credit.really bad credit.i don't know how i got bad sister told me when i was younger my mom use to use my social security.i don't know what she used it for.i have really bad credit.once i turned 18 i tried signing up for a credit card and i was denied because of my credit.i don't know how i got bad credit.i really don't know.i don't know what to sister told me to don't worry about it because no one could get anything with my credit because it's she right?also 8 months ago i tried getting a loan and i got denied because of my bad credit.i didn't know how i got bad credit.i applied for a loan online a couple of times.but i got denied.i'm worried because when i applied for a loan they ask for my ss#.they have my info.i wanna protect my identity %26amp; ss#.also i applied for other things with my ss# like Helio WIRELESS and i gave my social to i'm kinda worried.i'm still shocked because i have bad credit.i don't know how i got bad is there a place were i could get my credit report?and how much will it cost me to get my credit report?How to Prevent Identity Theft?were can i get my credit report?
You can call the credit bureaus and dispute any accounts on your credit report that were started prior to your eighteenth birthday since you cannot legally sign a contract as a minor. In most cases, they will be required to remove them unless they can prove without a shadow of a doubt you was capable of entering the contracts that caused you to go default on those items. Since it is unlikely because of your age, everything negative prior to you turning 18 should come off, dramatically raising your credit score. Also, you are entitled to a free credit report anytime you are denied credit. You can go to for a free credit report from each reporting agency. If you want more than one then you have to pay.

Check down below for an example for a dispute if you have to mail one in but you might be able to do it on line.How to Prevent Identity Theft?were can i get my credit report?
someone stole my identity and used my ss to get a job and now the IRS says I owe 2700.00 in back taxes and it's the illegal that took my identity that didn't pay taxes. You are allowed one free credit report a year and they will put an alert on your name too. good luck/
When you're denied credit by a loan company or credit card company, they will send you a letter stating the denial. You can then get a copy from the agency they used to get your information. You are also entitled to a free copy once a year from the three credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and Transunion).

Don't use It's not free, they want you to sign up for a credit monitoring service for a monthly fee.

Good luck.

if you go to you can get it for free, and cancel with in the 7 days free trial, or pay the monthly fee(its like $12.95) and you can monitor your credit.

or will give you one a year for free.


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