Monday, December 12, 2011

How can I make my credit score better?

When I was 18/19 I took my ability to get credit cards a little too far. I got in over my head and tried to pay them as best I could, but all I could do was minimum payments. Then my husband and I rented a house for 2 years and unfortunately, we could have bought a house with the amount we paid. So in that time I got even further into debt and I just turned 25 a couple of weeks ago. I took my tax refund this year and was able to pay off every debt I owed (aside from student loans) and now I have no more credit card payments!!! YAY!!! My question is, how do I start building my credit again. My credit isn't horrible, but its not that great either. I finally got the job I always wanted so I am making quite a bit more than I used to and we also moved into an apartment that includes utilities. So we are able to save over $1000 a month plus there is an additional income from my new job. I won't every get in deep like that again, I just want to build my credit score up again. Now that we are on our feet again, everything is paid on time, or earlier, so I know that will help a lot but what else can I do. Reason I am asking is because we are saving to buy a house, and I know given the way the economy is, that trying to get a mortgage is even harder than it was, and I just want us to start off on the right foot.

Any tips, advice, etc. would be great! Thanks!How can I make my credit score better?
小redit repair work械d fine to fix my credit. They disputed and removed lots of bad items from my credit report. I used this service - creditreport.undonet.comHow can I make my credit score better?
I would use simple credit repair to remove late pays, errors, and any other negatives on your bureau. This will raise your score. Good luck.
check this site for tips,
pay all accounts as agreed. If you still have the cards at the ready and they are not closed then use them for say a tank of gas per month and pay them off every month. In 12 months your scores will get very high and yes put the money away for the purchase and also set up am emergency fund for your future needs of not less than 6 months True living expenses that is never touched except in a real emergency and when used replaced ASAP. Never buy all the house you can afford buy less as there is more to ownership than 4 walls. You will need to have a life with a mortgage. You are on the right track just keep on doing things right and life is so much easier when you do not have money problems as that is the root source with most couple break ups

Good luck

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