Monday, December 12, 2011

How do I get a student credit card with no credit?

Everybody told me I'd get accepted for American Express Blue for Students because they LOVE to give cards to ANYONE, but I was rejected. I have no credit. What are some other student cards that might accept me? If I get rejected for one card, does that mean the rest will reject me too?How do I get a student credit card with no credit?
You can find a complete list of 'student' credit cards here:

It's possible that you could get denied again. But to be honest, American Express has the strictest approval guidelines of all major credit card issuers. So it doesn't surprise me that you were denied. You might try Chase. They have very high approval rates.

Hope this helps. GOOD LUCK!How do I get a student credit card with no credit?
You can try chase, citibank, and capital one. When I was a student and didn't have any credit history capital one gave me a card.

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go to your bank and apply and let them know your a student
Go to your local bank, there are too many scams out there for you to know what is what.

Visa and Mastercard have less strict rules then American Express. Your bank will help you get a student card and you won't need to worry about anyone messing with your credit identity, which is a huge problem right now.
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if you have a checking account, i would see if you can get a special connections credit card from your bank. this is a GREAT way to start building your credit (almost all banks have a credit card)

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