Friday, November 19, 2010

18 yr old, no credit, need credit card info?

with what company can i get a credit card from?

i have no credit, but i'd like to buy a few grand worth of stuff but then pay it off later. is this possible? i have a steady job.

please give me real information, i dont want advice about how its not a good idea.

thanks.18 yr old, no credit, need credit card info?
I sell a lot of kid that's parents can't co-x for them trade lines. This will give you a high 600's credit score in approx 90 days. At that time you should be able to get a credit card with out any problems. yr old, no credit, need credit card info?
You will probably being getting offers in the mail very shortly...I know you don't want the advice but I would steer clear of them. If you do happen to get one check out the interest rates and so not go over 500 for the limit. A few grand is more than you can handle, especially because you are so young. Most credit cards are based on your income level, so your limit would be based off of that. Just because you think you will pay it off, doesn't me you will....if you are that disciplined you should just save your money until you are able to buy the items cash. Good luck.
You don't need a credit card... you want to keep your financial freedom.... believe me.

You have a steady job, which is great. I have one word: ';Save';. You feel so much better if you can pay cash for stuff.

Credit card debt is not the debt you.
After I turned 18, it was not even 1 month to 2 months later I started receiving card offers in the mail. Word of advice, DO NOT go for cards where you have to pay an annual fee UNLESS they are like Capital One, who does on some of their cards charge an annual fee, but in the event you are hospitalized or, heaven forbid, you die, your payments will be deferred when you are hospitalized, and your card will be paid in full by the grantor (Capital One) in the event you die. Other than Capital One, do NOT go for cards with an annual fee.

Unfortunately you probably won't get a card with a low interest rate. When I say low I mean between 0%-9.99%. You will most likely get the offers I did, between 10%-20% or higher. Please do not go for the 10%-20% cards because they are not worth it. The reason card companies give that high of an interest rate to 18 year olds is because most 18 year olds do not have a credit rating yet and they card companies don't know if they can trust you will pay them their money back.

So, just wait and see what you are offered. If you don't get any good offers that you like, just go to and do some research there. Best of luck!
you could start building your credit by getting a personal loan or a credit card either way you are able to start credit using these two options, credit cards are usually the easist way to start your credit with, usually you will only get approved for a lower end credit card when you start your credit but once you have stablish you will be able to apply for cards that give you better rates and rewards. check out here you will be able to find a card no matter what your credit is go under poor or no credit section, but if you are a student apply for a student card.
Please refer to for more info on what you need. There are also information and credit cards you can apply for. You can also check your credit report and score for free to find out where you are at.
you might want to get a student card or

you might want to go here to compare them, pick one that is right for u
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