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Help how do I Repair Credit / Get Credit?

Back in 2002. I separated with my boyfriend. we were together for a long time but not long enough to be considered married. The house we had was in his name. The credit cards were in my name with him as a co-signer. same as the car. I was the one who wanted out because he was emotionally abusive. When we talked about the bills he said they were all mine. credit cards amounts about 6 grand or so. car about 5 grand and we shared the car. he wouldn't give me any money and I couldn't afford them all on my own. since they were things for house, vacations and such. I wanted him to help me pay them off. He refused. he said the house was all his cause his parents gave him the down payment. He later sold the house and moved out of state. giving me nothing even though I paid half of mortgage and no help towards bills. I paid when I could til I could not. I should have filed for bankrupts but I didn't. I just ignored the bills til they stopped coming. So wrong but I cant fix that now. last year one of the credit cards took me to court and I had to pay. My now hubby gets free legal so I was represented and I got a reduced amount. which I paid off. no one else has ever came after me or even sent me anything. now I am 40, no credit cards and no credit at all in my name. we want to buy a house but my credit shows nothing. The banker said he can see old things that showed delinquent back then. now we can only use hubby credit and salary since I have No credit and its hurting us. even thought I work they cant count my funds because of past problems. I tried to apply for small cards and were denied. everything we have is in hubby name. what can I do.Help how do I Repair Credit / Get Credit?
The reporting time period on negative accounts is 7 years and 180 days from date of first delinquency. If the debts were from 2002, they should fall off sometimes this year.

You will have to re-establish your credit. Go to your local bank or credit union open an account with $300 - $500 tell them you want a secured credit card. Use the card for small purchases like gas or food and pay the card off entirely each month on time.

Also you can open a savings account, save until you have $1,000. Tell your banker you want to take a installment loan out against the savings account. Take the money you receive and put it in your checking account to repay the loan. Pay it off in 12 months. Lenders like to see a mixture of credit, revolving, installments, personal loans.

After a few months you can try for an unsecured card again. Retail store cards and gas cards are normally easier to get.

It takes 24 months of consistent on-time payments to establish your credit rating.

FYI: On your being sued for the old debt, you should know that all debts have a time period in which legal action can be taken against you it varies by state. Here is a link to check your state's statute.

If the statute is out then no one can sue you for the debt. This does not mean that the debt is not owed, it is owed forever, just that no one can sue you.Help how do I Repair Credit / Get Credit?
best thing to do is go to true credit .com and order that credit report also go to equifax and ask for a free credit report and start disputing them saying what you feel the credit reporting agenceys should do and it will be a couple weeks and itll be gone 30 days after score will go up dont pay people to fix youre credit i did and they messed it up even worse its always best to do it youreself
Credit repair can only be achieved through financial discipline and hard work. Any easy way out of a poor credit history is undoubtedly tempting, but it may lead to further financial difficulties in the future.
Get a secured credit card with your bank, they will require at least $300 to be placed in an account, use the card for small amounts and pay it off each month.
小redit repair work械d fine to fix my credit. They disputed and removed lots of bad items from my credit report. I used this service -

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