Sunday, November 21, 2010

Getting a cellphone plan with bad credit.?

How can you get a cell phone with bad credit or no credit?

Would it help to buy the phone out right?!Getting a cellphone plan with bad credit.?
You'll have to put down a depositGetting a cellphone plan with bad credit.?
Get one of the prepaid kind, like Tracfone or Virgin.
you can still get a cellphone they will just make you pay a large deposit. I have the same problem so I use a prepaid.
T Mobile has several prepaid phones at different prices. I have the cheapy at $30.00 without the perks like a camera. I bought it at Wal-mart, and buy $50.00 T-Mobile phone cards about every 30-40 days. No credit checks, no contracts. ALSO, a new company is popping up all over the place....Cricket. They advertise no credit checks and easy terms too.
Get a cricket cell phone!!!

They don't look up credit to be approved for a phone at all and you don't pay for minutes there is just a monthly fee every month with taxes that you pay.

If you want, you don't even need to go to a cricket store to purchase the can buy a new cricket cell phone at walmart (which is cheaper than at the cricket store) and you just call the number on the box to activate your phone and add what features you want to the phone (which is what you are really paying for every month, not the amount of usage since they don't charge by minutes used). Also you might be able to find a store that sells used cricket cell phones that are in good condition which probably the cheapest way to go in terms of purchasing the phone and then call to activate and buy features for the phone.

If you are absolutely a brand new customer of cricket than they usually have deals where you buy a cell phone from the cricket store and get a rebate back, sometimes even a full rebate so that the cost ends up being nothing for you (just be sure to keep your reciept when you purchase the phone to use for the rebate)
You will have to give them a deposit. Mine was $125.00. I got it back + interest after a yr.
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