Friday, November 19, 2010

Received a 'No Credit' in a college class?

I took a class Credit/No credit and got No credit for it...

my question is how will this affect my future?

i want to apply to nursing school in a couple years, does the NC grade look bad?

(I'm getting A's and B's in all my other classes, including my nursing prerequisites. the NC grade was for a class that had nothing to do with any field I ever plan on pursuing.)

sooo do they look at the NC like an F? what will colleges think of that when i'm trying to transfer? Just looking for some reassurance, thanks!Received a 'No Credit' in a college class?
I would suggest going to your registrar to see how this would affect your GPA. It might not have a lot of effect, but it's something to consider. Since it's not a class specifically related to your major, that might work in your favor, but its effect on your GPA is the thing you want to consider, since that's something that a lot of schools look at closely when you go higher up in education. I think if you're making grades that are as good as you claim, it shouldn't have too dramatic of an effect. Just have a talk with your college's registrar just in case.Received a 'No Credit' in a college class?
Not at all, maybe it was a seminar/orientation and probably not on transcript.
Have you talked to your teacher and asked about it? Ask them if there is anyway you can get credit for the class?
No, it won't count against you. Actually, it'll help you I think, only you just wasted time, maybe you should leave these types of subjects for further in your career. What are you studying and what did you take? Out of curiosity :P

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