Friday, November 19, 2010

How can i get a credit card with no credit.?

ive been appyling everywhere. no one will except me. i have no credit or credit history. so whats the point of buliding my credit if no one can help me where do i go to get a credit card with no credit.How can i get a credit card with no credit.?
you can build your credit by having money in a bank account. Your bank will give you a debit ATM card. Some banks will offer a credit card, with a low credit limit.

No credit card company will accept you if you have no or poor credit. If you show your bank you have money saved, they might give you a chance. It will be a slow process. But make sure to never over-draw your account and always pay on time if you do get someone to give you a credit card.

If you get one, the credit limit will be very low and probably have very high interest rates.How can i get a credit card with no credit.?

However, you're interest is going to be a bit higher and your credit line will be lower. And most if not all no-credit credit cards will give you a credit card with a credit limit, and once you activate it, you'll have to pay fees. Beware of companies like Total Credit because of their extremely high interest, poor costumer service, and their cards don't work sometimes. Capital One is giving me similar problems. It seems that every other month they are changing the agreement and raising my rates.

I suggest Credit One Bank. Since your a starter, your credit line will be $200 and once you activate it, you'll immediately be charged $70 in fees. After 6 months of not going over limit and paying on time, your credit limit will be raised.

Keep in mind theres a credit crisis going on and no one wants to lend. Peoples credit limits are already being reduced. Building credit during a recession is hard. Building credit in THIS recession is next to impossible.
there are two ways you could start credit one or them is taking out a small personal loan which you might need a parent or an adult to co-sign for you meaning if you do not pay the loan they will. Or you could apply for a credit card for bad or no credit which most likely will get you approved no matter what, but if you are a student you could get a student credit card which will offer you lower rates and no annual fees, check out but if you have applied for different cards most likely you have been applying for the wrong one so make sure you apply for a no credit card which will have a higher interest rate with an annual fee but use it for a few months just enough to build some credit then you could get a better card and drop your first one.
Get a secured card.

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