Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lookin 2 Get My 1st Apartment but I have horrible credit.....?

Okay so I have been saving up money to get my first apartment I have no rental history but when I was younger I made a terrible mistake by opening up credit cards. I have very bad credit, my credit score is 515, thats how bad it is. I was wondering if anyone could tell exactly what I could do so that I am able to get an apartment. I don't have anyone to cosign so thats out of the question. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, except for anyone saying to stay with parents etc.... Thanks in advanceLookin 2 Get My 1st Apartment but I have horrible credit.....?
Do not bother with scams.

Sadly, you are going to have to live on the side of the tracks where credit is not an issue. Yours is about as low as it gets, that coupled with no history makes you a terrible candidate as a tenant. You did not have a problem opening credit cards, you had a problem with taking money and refusing to repay it.

There are landlords who rent units that are not so nice, and they have trouble getting anyone willing to rent from them....that is where you need to go.
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