Sunday, November 21, 2010

How do I get credit (with no credit)?

I've tried getting different types of credit cards (not all at the same time of course, within maybe a years time). A lot of places require a cosigner but my parents have terrible credit (Due to hospital bills and school loans) and I dont have no one else to cosign.How do I get credit (with no credit)?
I'm pretty much in the same situation, got denied by my bank for credit cards after being with em for years too! I instantly got approved for a secured credit card at CapitalOne, the ';Capital one Secured Mastercard';. It requires a security deposit ($75-$300). If you have no credit i would think you would have to pay a small deposit and get at least $500 of credit limit. But yeah, try for a ';secured credit card';, or maybe a personal loan? Hope that helps somewhat.

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