Sunday, November 21, 2010

How can someone with no credit or bad credit get a laptop with payments?

i am wanting a laptop with much memory and speed for web design. I work two jobs and can afford a payment but it is too hard to save up and pay all the cash at once if i was to buy one. Any suggestions. Dell already turned me down.How can someone with no credit or bad credit get a laptop with payments?
Look into buying a used laptop. You get less power and less capability, but if you're willing to do without the latest innovations and use older versions of software (eg. Opera 5 instead of Opera 8), you can still get a good deal with a lot of functionality. Recent laptops (2000 or later) do or should have USB ports, letting you expand the machine with devices when you can afford them.

You can find Pentium II 300MHz laptops on the internet for around US$200-300, and PIII 800MHz machines for about twice that. Maybe those prices are within your range. There's also the advantage that you will OWN a used laptop, rather than depend on credit.

Those who mentioned ';no credit'; sellers may have meant well, but the reality is far different. I read the 'Blue Hippo' ';deal'; and you will have to fork out US$400 before they send you a computer. Their ';plan'; makes no mention of how many weeks you will pay for it before you own it, and US$100 of that money is NOT toward the purchase. To top it off, Blue Hippo sets the price: if they say it's worth US$2000 (even if you could buy it elsewhere for US$700), you are stuck paying $2000 - or more - for a low-end machine.

I once worked for a ';rent to own'; business. Trust me, they are loathesome, scumsucking and soul draining ripoffs. You'll end up paying 3-4 times what the machine is worth and STILL probably not own it. ';Renting to own'; is the only ';payment plan'; that makes leasing look good.

Write to me if you want more advice on what to look for, my email is activated.How can someone with no credit or bad credit get a laptop with payments?
Yes will sell you a computer on weekly payments. No matter what your credit is.
Dell will give anyone credit to get a computer...just watch out for the interest rate.
Googling for 'no credit bad credit laptop financing' shows many hits for places that claim they will do this... However, there are factors to consider such as without assets such as owning a home, there's no guarantee to them that you won't hop the first bus out of town with their laptop. On top of that, even if they do grant you a loan, the interest rate would be so high that you'd be better off saving your money for it.

If it's that much of a hassle, maybe you should think twice about a laptop. You can go into a department store and get a decent desktop for a few hundred dollars these days that will do most of the things an average person is looking to do.

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