Sunday, November 21, 2010

How can I stop Credit Diagnosis from charging my credit card?

I ordered a free credit report through a website They then charged my credit card $1.00 multiple times and $29.95 many times a month until my credit card has no money on it. I called and canceled but they keep charging my credit card and my credit card company can't do anything to stop it. I'm filing disputes with my credit card to get the money back but what can I do now to stop creditdiagnosis from making more charges on my card?How can I stop Credit Diagnosis from charging my credit card?
Have your credit card account canceled and re-issued under a new #.....That's the only way....Request charge-backs for all illegal charges.How can I stop Credit Diagnosis from charging my credit card?
I have just ran into the same SCAM. I am pissed.... I got tangled up with Credit Diagnosis on Cragis list. My son was looking for a place to rent and they asked for a debit card # for a $1 charge and like a dumb a$$ he put in my card #. The company just took $29.95 out of my bank account.

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I had the same prob i called and told them i want to talk to a person that speaks english first,then i told her look i stopped it ### ago and i want you to refund me the money or I'm going to have to take legal matters.She talked to a supervisor and then she said ok we will refund you the money to your card in 3-5 days.I then waited and called to double check it was canceled and to be safe take your card off fill or even better call the card company and let them know to not let payments to go though
tell your credit card company you want ot close out that account, because of the charges, and you have requested them to stop. asked them to send you a new card.

I would report free credit to yahoo and let them know this site is a scam.
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