Sunday, November 21, 2010

We want to get our first home...?

So my boyfriend and myself are going to start looking for our first home at the beginning of the year.

His credit is amazing, however mine is all sorts of mess up, or at least I'm pretty sure it is.

I had a new car and a loan in my name, ended up losing both my jobs, along with my car, and couldn't pay either loan...

I have had an apartment in my name for almost a year. (My lease is up at the end of July) and I was approved for a medical credit card (with my boyfriend as a co-signer), and paid off 1300.00 6 months.

A lot of people tell me that all of that should have improved my credit a lot, but I still have a lot of money I owe.

Basically, I'm scared that no bank will approve us because of my credit.

Does anyone know if there is something else I can do, or any suggestions about how we should go about applying. i.e. Put the loan in only his name. Put it in my name as him as a co-signer. Or put it in both our names.

I would just like to rest easy... Please help!!We want to get our first home...?

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1. NEVER purchase property with an unrelated party except with a business partner under a proper written partnership agreement. Who gets the property if you two split? Married couples have a court enforcing proper legal guidelines. Singles have NO protection whatsoever. If you buy property before you are married, you WILL have problems.

2. To purchase property now, you need: 20% cash down payment, plus closing costs, plus 3 - 6 months of reserves; credit scores of at least 680/700 (each); 3 years track record on the job. Some mortgages may get approved with a less than 20% down, but there is a trend the past couple years now that lower-down payment mortgages develop ';last-minute glitches'; and have not been funded by closing. This is a financial disaster for a buyer since there are monetary penalties for failing to complete the deal by the closing date.

3. Your money management skills are clearly inadequate, and it is entirely premature for you to think about buying a house. Clean up your act. Take savings out of each paycheck first. Then pay off your debts, then live on what's left. Stop spending money!

4. Check your report at This is the official site of Equifax, Experian %26amp; TransUnion as mandated by Congress. You get one free report from each of the 3 bureaus per year.

If you do not marry, he should buy the house solely in his name. You have NO rights to the house. The half of the mortgage you will pay will constitute ';rent'; and you pay half of the utilities, maintenance, etc, just as if you were roommates or renting a room from an owner. He can ask you to leave at any time, and you must do so immediately or he can call the sheriff and have you removed. If you were joint tenants on a lease for an apartment, you would have more rights than as a guest or renter of a room in a house someone else owes.
If he has great credit and a decent job, he might be able to buy a house on his own.

Having you as a cosigner isn't going to help or mean anything if your credit is bad.
And WHY do you not know your credit rating?! Pull your credit report, it's free once/year. Also, pay to find your FICO score. I'm guessing it would be better to have your guy get the loan AND the house in his name. You would basically be a renter. Keep on cleaning up your act. It may take a while, but please don't give up. It's a great feeling!
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