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Wanting to enlist in the Army but a HS diploma is stopping me.?

Ok prepare yourself for a good minute or two of reading.

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So I never graduated from HS nor did I ever obtain a GED. Went through dozens of websites containing informations about GED placement tests and then thought to myself , '; Hmm , I should try looking up the Military ';. So I did and the first site I went under was the National Guard. Looked into it some more and found out that they offer a GED program called GED plus program. Went into the recruiting office to have a sit down and get things explained to me and thought about it and wanted to do it. Only dilemma was that I was lacking proof that I was a US Citizen. I am a US Citizen who was born NOT in the US but ended up having the CCA (Child Citizenship Act) towards me being since both parents were Citizens upon my arrival. Ok well my proof of me being a US Citizen was my passport , which was/is expired , and that was stopping of me being enlisted in. So moving on , I ended giving up on the National Guard since it would take a matter of a month and a half to obtain a valid passport and looked upon the Active Army. Surprisingly , I found out that the Active Army has a similar program that helps out '; dropouts '; to obtain a diploma prior being shipped out to BCT. Thats right , the Army Prep School. I looked into it for about a week and decided to go through it. Prior me going into the Active recruiting office , I gave them a call and asked if having a expired passport would stop me from trying to enlist in the APS ( Army Prep School ). Recruiter said no so then I went in to see him. He had me take the pre-test and scored a horrible 17. That made me tell myself , '; dude , thats what you get for not completing high shcool ';. I was advised to go to a public library and check out one of those ASVAB books , which I eventually did , and to just study it and once I feel like im ready to go back , i'll go back. So I did. Studied for 2 weeks. Ended up going back today 2009 MAY 06 and scored alot better. Well , if I had a HS Diploma then I would've been set for an appointment to MEPS. I scored a 35. Thats pretty good for 2 weeks of studying -- i guess. Well anyways , after the pre test we sat down and talked about on how i'll be able to enlist in the Army without a HS Diploma. He gave me 3 options -- For me to be enlisted and for me to be enrolled in the APS , im going to have to score above a 50 on the ASVAB. If I score a 50 then i'll obviously be enrolled and test my way out on obtaining a GED prior on shipping to BCT. Second option is to enroll in to a community college and rack up 15 credit hours and will be looked highly over a HS Graduate (DIPLOMA). Third option is for me to attend Green River Community ( Sea-Tac , Wa ) and join into a High School Completion Program and get signed in the Army DEP program as a HS Senior. Dilemma is , im moving out of Wa and back to San Diego in a few weeks so the third option is out of the picture. The first option is just a hassle on getting my passport valid and trying to score above a 50 just for a GED. So now im left with the second option.

Now the question is ( thats if you're still awake )

How long will it take for me to rack up 15 college credits/credit hours?

Is it worth that long of a wait to rack up those credits instead of enlisting in the NG GED plus program?

Any advice would be good.

And how many classes must I take to receive all those credits?

I want to do it as fast as I can so i'll be able to enlist asap.

Thanks for answering in advance.

California KidWanting to enlist in the Army but a HS diploma is stopping me.?
well, [to your college credit hours] each college is different.

at my HS, when you are a junior/senior, you can go to a community college for one school year and get 28 hrs. of college credit. and you only go half a day per, maybe less than half one school year? lol. sorry i cant give a direct answer, but i hoped this helped.Wanting to enlist in the Army but a HS diploma is stopping me.?
you can rack out 15 credits in a semester (most college classes are 3-5 credits) but most community colleges wont take you if you dont have a diploma or ged.

bst advice is to study and do better on the asvab. i mean 50 really isnt that hard

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