Friday, November 19, 2010

What is secure credit card and how can I get it?

I heard something about this secure credit card for people with bad credit or no credit. How can I get this and do you have to have good credit? ThanksWhat is secure credit card and how can I get it?
A secured credit card is one where you put down a deposit, that is essentially your credit line. So if you put down a 1000$ deposit that is your credit line. The deposit is used as collateral for a a period of time, in-case you fall behind on payments and they have to close and charge off the account, then your 1000$ would be used and for-fitted. As long as you keep up on payments, do not continually run a balance that is at or near the limit then it will work like a regular credit card. If you keep it in good standing long enough ( a year in most cases though time varies depending on who the card is with) it will be upgraded to a regular credit card in many cases. Generally even people with poor credit can get a secured card since you are fronting the money for your own credit line. It also does not affect the credit reporting. When someone pulls a credit report it will not show as a ';secured credit card'; vs. a unsecured one. It will just show up as an open line of revolving credit. Be careful about where you get one though, some of them are much better than others. Many local banks offer good secured credit cards so I would encourage you to start there. A internet search for secured credit cards will also offer thousands of different results.What is secure credit card and how can I get it?
instead of investing in reg cc's u can try a debit check card. u control how much 2 use

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