Sunday, November 21, 2010

What are these no credit no money no problem loan places?

like we see them all the time on route 1 i live in new hampshire and we want to finance a car and we got bad credit but they say bad credit no credit no money no problem what the catch just high interest or what the real catch will they lend us 10000$ with bad credit? we want to get a 2005-2007 chevy impala or saturn ion... ? and how does it work do they give us the money we go to a dealer and get the car? or are there dealers connected with them? will they have thoese types of cars for around 10000$?

like if i put 500$ down would that be enough to get the loan? i know 20% is out of this world insane but i need/want a good car so whatever for the time being..the loan of 10000$ my moms credit score is like 563 haha so real bad so would they lend it to us cause it says no money no credit bad credit no problem or we will fiancee you or whatever? so would they give us the loan with 500$ down and for a 10000$ at 20% intrest what would that be 270$ a month? with like 60 month finance or 72 monthWhat are these no credit no money no problem loan places?
Every place is different. They have something going on right now kinda like that. Saying if you bring home 250 or more you can get a loan with no money down. Best thing would to contact the dealership and ask them about the things. They will be able to tell you all the details. 2 years ago i had same problem. I got a 9,000 truck and had to put 15% down. They gave me really high rate at 24% but with how my credit was at the time i had to do that. My payments are 250 a month for 48 months. It has help my credit a lot having it on there. After 6months-year you can try going to bank and getting loan for the car for lower rate. Credit Acceptance is the loan place i went threw. Hopefully everything works out.What are these no credit no money no problem loan places?
Oh, they are simply places where you can get a loan with the exception that you pay them back 10x's the amount you borrow.
I suggest buying a car for cash. It may not be nice but it will get where you need to go and not put you in financial danger. Or try a buy here pay here car lot. Those payday loan places will charge you like 35% interest or as much as allowed by law and if you don't pay they will litigate you and probably get more than you owed in the first place.

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