Sunday, November 21, 2010

Would i be accepted for credit as soon as i turn 18?

Im 18 next month and was wandering how i can go about getting credit , as i am planing on going to university in a few years and will have to do to 2 courses before i am eligble to apply and i want to have good credit when i start to be able to get good interest rates and higher overdrafts, loans etc to be able to pay for it all. What i was planning on doing was this , apply for a credit card for people with bad credit / no credit (Barclaycard Initial or Capitalone classic) and make purchases and pay back the balance in full as i am getting a claim and would use the credit card to buy stuff then pay the amount i spent straight onto the card (or buy a postal order for the ammount to send to them once they send me the statement so i dont spend the money).

Would this be alright to do if i get accepted?

Also i want to open an account with nationwide with a visa debit card, i already have a nationwide account but i only have a cash card but they are upgrading cashcards to cashcard plus which is a visa debit, but it can only be used within the UK, not abroad and is not as widely as accepted as the other visa debit (something they do with payment processing), but you must also have decent credit to be accepted for the better visa debit card, which i want to get as i want to use it next year as i am going to tenerife, would my credit be alright when im 18 to get that type of account ?

Thanks!Would i be accepted for credit as soon as i turn 18?
once you are 18 you can if you want to apply to either capitol one or vanquis as both card s help you build credit if you pay on time and in full every month vanquis interest rates are pretty high thoughWould i be accepted for credit as soon as i turn 18?
Contrary to what you have been force-fed by the media and society, you can exist in life without a credit card. Too much emphasis is placed on ';building up credit.'; May people say their credit card is for emergencies. I contend that you can save cash and keep an emergency fund in a separate account in the bank. Don't feel like you need to conform to what is normal. Being ';normal'; involves debt that is counter to financial success.
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