Friday, November 19, 2010

Need a confidence boost. Broke unsuccessful student fighting an addiction and bad credit.?

I am an intelligent person admitting some bad habits in my life right now. I am also in the first 365 days of fixing an addiction. I have lost everything I've loved friends, hobbies except my family. God bless.

+I'm a bit older than most freshman in college, seeing as it is my 4th year. It sounds bad, but I have enough tragedy to justify it? I seemed to have dug myself this financial hole while I watched our world's economy slowly sink.

+ a run in with the law (fighting it seems to be costing even more)

+ Wearing my employer/great friend's confidence thin by admitting my problems to him. I feel I can't fix them if I don't say them out loud. I think?

+ Ive been depressed over this and am admitting and coping with an addiction. I second guess everything I do that's positive. My past 5 years haunts me every day.

+ Financially I am screwed. (credit ... what credit)

+ I have no School... no credits there either.

+ I've lost a bit of faith in myself and have been wearing myself down over the years that I am afraid to smile. It's hard to get motivated because of this rain cloud. Just so much anxiety over this stuff.

+ I was good at lying and putting on a mask. I think that's how it got so bad.

+ I'd ultimately like to hear from perhaps 6+ year college students? or people working through some bad credit. Finding a good routine? Maybe some feedback from someone in my financial boat still in school.

+ Don't get me wrong, I have a family that loves me and is respecting my trouble, and helping me in every way possible. I have talked to people, I am looking to hear some personal experience and trying to leave Religion out of it. (I am in a good place there).

+ Everything happens for a reason, I hope if I can't find any answers from you, I was able to maybe help someone else.

%26lt;3 Thanks for listening.Need a confidence boost. Broke unsuccessful student fighting an addiction and bad credit.?
I got lost somewhere half the story:took the time to read it anyway and can only wish you lots of success with getting your life back on track.

If you want you can e-mail me and explain it somewhat simpler:maybe i can be of help.

ColorsNeed a confidence boost. Broke unsuccessful student fighting an addiction and bad credit.?
If you have faith, read the Bible.

The book of Proverbs tells you how to live well.

The book of Job addresses human suffering.

The book of Ecclesiastes explains the me meaning of life.

Pick up the book and read ^.
You are a little vague in what is causing all this; which will determine a course of action for you. If you want to talk to someone who worked his way through college (4 years full-time but took some extra semesters to get the degree) and made his share of mistakes too; drop me a note. I'm a good listener and have done this myself and helped others handle it too. I bet I can come up with some ideas on how to make it work for you.

I made the mistake of leaving religion out of it when I was young, but the solutions are given by God whether or not we want to acknowledge it. But it will take more than prayer and you will have to be serious about it.

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