Friday, November 19, 2010

How to find out my credit score?

I am British and serving in Germany with the British Army, yet I have no place of residence in the UK. I have tried to find my credit report, yet all the companies seem to ask for an address? Is it possible to find my credit rating out without it. Also, I have been using a credit card from a German bank, will that add to my credit rating? Do you only get a credit score if you have took out credit - i.e. credit card etc? Any help would be greatly appreciated.How to find out my credit score?
To get a credit report in the UK, you will need a UK address, registered on the electoral register and have proof of an income going into a British bank account.

Your record with the German bank will help when you come to apply for credit in the UK, but you are right, that you need credit to get credit.

The average credit score that lenders like in the UK is around 750 out of a 1000.

Above this and you will be plagued with offers of credit cards. Below 600 and you will struggle to find a lender. This is the position I would imagine you would yourself in because you have no UK record.

The best advice is I can give, is when you move back to the UK, open a bank account, run it well for 6 months and then apply for a credit card.How to find out my credit score?
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