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What are some pros and cons of getting a credit card?

I'm thinking about getting a credit card to build credit history. I'm very practical with money and know that I won't go overboard and buy things I can't afford. I plan on using it only a few times a month to buy gas and get cash back. I will probably go with Discover...because I know they have a pretty good cash back program and no annual fee. My only problem is that I'm not totally sure how credit works. Do I still have to pay interest if I pay my balance on time every month?What are some pros and cons of getting a credit card?
Your question sounded find right up until this line:

I'm not totally sure how credit works


Well, at least you're asking first.


Build credit by paying your bill. At least the minimum payment ontime every month.

Credit can allow you to purchase affordable things that will get you ahead in life before you've earned the money for them.

It'll allow you to buy a home with a low down payment and reasonable monthly expense instead of saving like crazy for a dozen years before buying with cash.


If you don't manage the simple relationship between spending less than you earn and paying your credit card balance in full each month, you will grow credit card debt. High percentage rate, poor term debt.What are some pros and cons of getting a credit card?
Unless you're really disciplined with your use of the card, it's better to build a credit history with a series of loans. Car loans are the most obvious.

You don't have to pay interest if you pay off the balance every month, but a lot of companies put in carefully hidden costs. I dunno, I just think credit cards encourage people to live outside their means. On the other hand, they can be good for emergencies, and as a way of securing hotel rooms, airline tickets, or car rentals.
That's good that you are responsible with your credit but I tell you this a credit card is the quickest way to ruin your credit. But it also can be a good way to improve your credit. I recommend getting a low interest rate loan from a bank that way you know what your interest will be no matter what.

Unless you just have a die need of a credit card I never recommend them. But like I say if improving your credit is what you want to do I suggest a good low interest loan.

For more help go to source website listed and click the Credit Repair section.
Now days credit card debt consolidation can seem a pretty heavy weight reliever with the present shape of the economy. As with anything, there are plenty of pros and cons to go with it. Make sure you do your homework before you jump into anything head first.

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I would go with a Visa, but that is a personal choice. I have never taken cash out except at my bank's ATM.

You don't pay interest unless you pay only part of the statement balance or take out a cash advance. CA's interest are calculated in the bank's favor.
Its depends on the credit card company from where you buy the credit card.

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