Friday, November 19, 2010

Car loans and credit scores..?

I just bought a newer used car last friday, i had to purchase from a dealer that specializes in no credit/bad credit. In my case, i have no credit! They report to all 3 bureaus when i make my monthly payments. Im 23 and basically a ghost to society due to no credit. I use cash for most things, and was afraid of being careless with a credit card. My thoughts were that if i have no credit, its better than bad credit. Im now seeing the error in my thinking and Im working on getting my first credit card (sounds so bad lol) , and building my credit history. My questions is, how soon after purchasing my vehicle should i wait to apply for a credit card? When i looked at my credit report, it had a lower score of 560, is that right for someone with no credit? Any helpful advice would be appreciated. Car loans and credit scores..?
Now, ideally you should wait about 4 months. I say 4 months because your finance company can take up to 3 months to update the credit bureau. You defiantly want to wait for that company to report so it strengthens your credit prior to apply to any addition credit. Now I wouldn't suggest getting a credit card, I would get a loan. Even if you don't need the money, use it to pay the loan back rapidly (speak to your bank for the best short term loan, with none or minor payoff penalties) Pay the loan back in 3-4 months. That will do wonders for your CBS score. With the loan you will get a WAY better interest rate then a credit card. If you don't wanna do that then get a line of credit, the interest rate again is WAY better then a credit card and it works kinda the same as a credit card. Just have the bank set it up directly to your check card. The interest rate is way better like 6-7% versus 18-21% a credit card offers. And if you really have to get a credit card then get a secured or prepaid, credit card. They still report to the credit bureau, it will still strengthen your credit your credit.

Im not sure exactly what your CBR score would be when you have no credit, but 560 does sound alittle high but it may not be. I suggest checking out eqifax online they should have a chart or something.Car loans and credit scores..?
Yes, it's about right. I'd actually wait about a year unless you want to get a secured card which is a bit expensive.

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