Sunday, November 14, 2010

I cant get anyone to give me credit?

I have NO credit and credit card companies in the past have written me letters to tell me how I am not approved. Someone told me to apply for a credit card through my bank. Would it work? I absolutely despise credit cards and have no plans of using it.

Would I have to use it to get credit or would just having it guarantee me credit?

Could I buy someone very cheap, like some candy or something and pay it off with my pay check and it would work?

What should I do to get credit? I opened a cell phone in my name which was supposed to ';guarantee my start of credit';. I still have none, I am told.I cant get anyone to give me credit?
If you are denied credit, you are (in the USA) legally entitled to a copy of your credit report to find out why. Go to the Experian or Transunion websites to request your report. Yes, your bank might be a good place to start, as they already have a business relationship with you and know things about you such at the fact that you don't bounce checks.I cant get anyone to give me credit?
dont beg ppl for credit thats illegal
you know most banks can provide you with a guarantees card that you loan with money and spend your own money.

if you pay your phone, water, light, and or gas bill it too counts as a payment history in establishing you as a bill payer. good luck
I offer a credit card, ever ones approved and it's a great way to build credit check it out!

Also I recommend getting a secured Credit Card from your bank to build credit.
If you need credit to buy something, such as a house or car, go ahead and get a credit card. I personally operate under the 'if you don't have the money now, don't buy it' standards. Your cell phone should submit your credit history to the credit bureaus, it might take a while to do so, I'm not sure how long they take.

To get a free credit report, go to This site does not require you to buy anything. If you want a credit score, that will cost money anywhere you go, unless your lender (bank) is nice and tells you this (not all of them will share this info).

Having a credit card doesn't mean you have to carry a balance. Just be sure to pay the balance in full every month and you will have no problems. One good way to do this is to track your credit spending and earmark money for this, or to just use your card for a specific bill, such as gas or groceries.

Be sure to research a credit card company before applying. Don't get one with a annual fee, if possible, and make sure they have low APRs.

I hope this helps!

OK here is the deal I have had great credit at one point in my life as well as poor but one thing Ive learned there is always some company willing to give u credit the catch is the interest rates! If you have none and or poor credit u always have to start from the bottom. Go to apply by phone or on line they will contact you and verify info and employment but here is the catch they will give u a starting limit of 300$ but they will charge u 250$ upon receiving the card which is what they call a processing fee/annual fee will only have 50$ avail credit when u receive the card and a balance of 250$ first payment of 40$ will be due in one month. if u make 3 consecutive payments on-time they will increase your limit by 75$, The trick is to wipe that 250$ out by the first 3 months and try not to use it too much and before u know it you will have 375$ limit and they will report to the credit companies of your good standings, once you have the card for six months you will start to notice better credit card offers the longer u keep making on-time payments, then later u can cancel that card once u receive something better or card with lower interest rates and annual fees etc...also google orchard bank and first premier bank.

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