Sunday, November 14, 2010

I have no credit because I am only 18 years old & I want to move out! HELP.?

I am 18 years old, I have a job but I don't have ANY credit, no credit cards, or any debt but also no credit... I am looking at signing a lease to move into an apartment with a friend that is in the same boat as I am. The apartment complex is the kind that you get a deal based on how much you make a month.. %26amp; how many people will be living there. I think its called Section 22? I am not forsure thou. But will they look at my credit %26amp; say no? Help!I have no credit because I am only 18 years old %26amp; I want to move out! HELP.?
It sounds like your are moving into low income housing. If that is the case no one there has good credit. So don't worry about your lack of credit. No credit is better then bad credit.I have no credit because I am only 18 years old %26amp; I want to move out! HELP.?
If it's based on how much income you have,they'll probably look at how much your parents make if you haven't lived on your own for a year or more. I tried to move out a couple of months ago until I transfer to a university next year,but they denied me because they made too much :/
Take the required paperwork to them, apply, and get the results in advance. That way you know if it is an option or not.

Are you considering living in a college dorm as well?

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