Sunday, November 21, 2010

Friend wants to use my Dad's Credit-Card !!?

I have a good friend whom I met 5 months ago at college.

Earlier this morning she called me and asked me if she could have my dad's credit card number to register online for some tests she is planning to take in another country,and she has promised to pay me in cash.

She has put me in a very awkward situation.She(her family)doesnt have a credit card(credit cards are not used much in my country).I dont feel safe giving her my dad's card details even though she might not do other things BUT I have no idea how to say no without hurting her feelings or our friendship.The worst thing is that she put her Mum on the phone to explain to me what she needs the card for.I havent told my Dad either because it'll get too complicated.

Would it sound reasonable and convincing if I told her my dad doesnt think its safe using the card online and hence cannot give it to her?

Any ideas,people,would be great! Her mum's expecting me to call her back tomorrow with the details!! :SFriend wants to use my Dad's Credit-Card !!?
NO, don't give out your dad's credit card information. Tell her you can't make up an excuse. That's your dad's credit card, it's not for your friends to use. Never!Friend wants to use my Dad's Credit-Card !!?
no matter what don't do it, stick to your guns , im sure your father would say hell no i would its for my daughter an her alone ..but you should talk to your father about this really its his card
nooooooooooo please noooo, that's how things go downhill, never give out credit info!!! Let her apply for her own, tell her to get capital one credit cards, that's the best card for people with no credit.
Real friends would not ask for something like that. Even if she is one of your best friends, never give out info like that. Explain to her that she can not do that, and if she doesn't leave you alone have your dad call the family. Best of Luck!
NO WAY--NO HOW do you give a ';5 month friend'; your dad's credit card info!!

This is a scam!! Don't even offer cash to this person. She's not a friend. Once she gets the number, she can get the maximum amount of cash and stick your dad with the bill. This is really a no brainer.

You really do not owe this girl or her mum any explanation. Just say NO.

Tell your dad about it and let him report them. The police might need to have a talk with mum and her daughter.

Don't call them. If her mum calls for the info---you tell her NO and hang up. This person is probably not her mum but another co-conspirator in the scam.
Absolutely NOT. Think about it this way, if it was a credit card in your name and your friend wanted to lend it out to some guy you didnt know...would you feel ok about it?

If she is such a close friend, she will understand the absolute rudeness of making such arequest.

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