Sunday, November 21, 2010

Is it important to build my credit score?? mom said no, gf said yes.?

I am 22 years old, I never had any credit history (credit card, phone bill, etc).

How important is it to build my credit?

My mom said ';you do not need to get credit, just pay with what you have when you have it';

My GF: ';its very important that you build your credit score, especially if you want to get a house and other things in the future';

So what should I do? WHo is more correct??

thanksIs it important to build my credit score?? mom said no, gf said yes.?
Your credit score, although not Life Threatening important, is Essential for you financial health. Having a good Credit Score can help you with the following:

- Getting Phone activation without Down Payment

- Getting Loans/Mortgages/Line of Credit (Credit Score affects the amount that can be borrowed and the interest rate the bank will charge)

- Well Practically anything to do with owing/barrowing/using money

A Good Credit Score is good for you in your long term financial development.

Improving/developing your credit score is easy. Here are some examples:

- Get a credit card in your name and either don't use it / pay off balance every month / (or at least keep balance below 50% of credit limit.

- Get phone/Utility ect bills in your name and pay them on time.

- If you ever going to be late on a payment, phone the company and let them know and explain. Often this will stop them from reporting this on your credit history.

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