Sunday, November 21, 2010

What are these no credit no money no problem loan places?

like we see them all the time on route 1 i live in new hampshire and we want to finance a car and we got bad credit but they say bad credit no credit no money no problem what the catch just high interest or what the real catch will they lend us 10000$ with bad credit? we want to get a 2005-2007 chevy impala or saturn ion... ? and how does it work do they give us the money we go to a dealer and get the car? or are there dealers connected with them? will they have thoese types of cars for around 10000$?

like if i put 500$ down would that be enough to get the loan? i know 20% is out of this world insane but i need/want a good car so whatever for the time being..the loan of 10000$ my moms credit score is like 563 haha so real bad so would they lend it to us cause it says no money no credit bad credit no problem or we will fiancee you or whatever? so would they give us the loan with 500$ down and for a 10000$ at 20% intrest what would that be 270$ a month? with like 60 month finance or 72 month

can someone please give me a answer like i know the interested is gonna be like 25-30% but can someone just tell me if it really is true like i can have bad credit and get a loan for 9000-10000$ and im not the getting it me and my mom are im not co signing so enough with that too please and thank you and can someone like estimate my monthly payments PLEASE?What are these no credit no money no problem loan places?
what are these no credit no money no problem loan places?

Sanctioned loan sharks. Stay away from them.What are these no credit no money no problem loan places?
If you are going on Yahoo Answers and asking people to figure out your monthly payments, you aren't ready to deal with this - you walk into one of those loan places or a car dealer, and it would be like a fat little mouse walking into a room full of cats!

You don't really want to get a loan where you will owe more than the car is worth - but that could easily happen to you since you'll get a loan with high interest.

You would be better off getting a cheaper/older car, even if you still have to finance it (though saving up for it and just buying it with cash is better). And get a toyota or a honda, they are the most reliable makes.

Let's put it this way - complaining about your car and maybe having to fix it for a few hundred bucks once or twice will still be much cheaper than an expensive car loan that you are stuck with for years.
There are several companies out there that do grant loans to individuals with poor credit assuming you have a weekly paycheck. I would not advocate using this type of financial unless it is absolutely necessary. It can be very expensive especially the fees they charge.

However, there are also many, many loan sharks out there that will take your last dime with no remorse. You must be very careful in this area and check out every potential lender (better business bureau is a good source) and of course read the fine print very carefully.

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