Sunday, November 21, 2010

Boosting my credit score?

Hi, all my life i have been terrible with money. Over the past 10 years or so i have been in thousands of pounds worth of debt which thankfully i have had family to help bail me out. Now my credit score is crap, i cant get anything on credit, no credit cards or loans, i even struggle to open a basic bank account.

What i would like to know is how to boost or increase my credit score/rating?

I have cancelled all my direct debits now (bar the few important ones) and pay my mortgage and bills etc over the phone. Does this still boost my credit score if i show i am paying things on time although it isn't direct debit out of my account?

Sorry for the essay ha ha, any help would be most appreciated :)Boosting my credit score?
Well I hear that simple things really make a difference. Can you handle a car payment? I dont know your financial situation, but why dont you try to save a few thousand dollars, and get an inexpensive used car and make the payments every month. Also, I know that smaller jewelry places like in the mall that have their own finance company, will do really good for you, just the same as a credit card. Buy something nice for you or your wife, make it a thousand dollars, and you might have to put half down, but make the montly payments on it, and that will boost. Also I heard gas cards, but those might be just as hard to get as a credit card.Boosting my credit score?
once everything paid off u get no credit history for atleast 3yrs, some of ur old debt companies have left some really bad scars on ur credit history, get a latest report of ur credit history n find out wot's rong there.

thn speak to same company where u have obtined ur credit history how to improve it now.
Thinking of ways to boost credit score is not that hard as some people would imagine. Having a good credit score is so important in a persons life. Applying for loans and credit cards would be a breeze for those who have very good credit score. If you already have a good%26lt;!--credit score, you will want to boost it in order to obtain the best loan and credit card deals possible. For example, if you have a credit score of 688 and the loan company will reduce interest rate if you get a credit score of 690.

The two points can mean thousands of dollars in savings from paying interest. This is why it is very important for you to improve your credit score even if you already have a good credit score. It will mean lower interest rates and also more chances of getting the loans you need. There are several--%26gt;ways on how you can significantly improve your credit score. Some ways takes time to achieve and some takes only a few weeks or even a few days to do. However, if you start working on it as soon as possible, you will see that it will be worth all the effort.

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