Friday, November 19, 2010

Are These Credit Cards Comapanies Serious?

I have a new job starting February 23, 2009. Back in July 2008 I got a $300 credit limit credit card from Capitol One. I was fired that same month and basically used the money to get me back home to California from North Carolina.

I haven't had money to pay back any bills and no ones hiring. I was sent a $50 gift card from them and had to talk to a collection agent who informed me that my account will soon be charged off and even though I have a job coming up there's nothing they can do to stop that.

The woman got angry when I told her that I dont know anyone who can give me $600 in the next 48 hours and besides hooking there's no way I could come up with that. She got even more angry with me, but I'm being serious.

Unless someone prostitutes themselves or does something else in that nature how can they come up with that type of cash so fast?Are These Credit Cards Comapanies Serious?
Maybe instead of sleeping in, you should be getting a job or two.

Serioulsy, you used your credit card, of course you need to pay it off. Legally and Morally.

And don't say that you can't find a job. Go to McDonalds, to Starbucks, to Walmart, to WHATEVER PLACE YOU CAN FIND, and get a job, ANY JOB. No matter how much of a crappy job it is. It might not be a nice job, it might have crappy hours, lousy pay and bad working conditions, but at 20 years old, there is no excuse to not have a job and be blowing off creditors. There ARE jobs out there, even now. I just got one last week. I put in three applications and two of them called me for interviews and both offered me jobs.Are These Credit Cards Comapanies Serious?
The woman was probably frustrated because day after day she has to listen to people tell her why they are not paying their bill. She knows that debt that is not collected on hurts many other people.
Well, if you couldn't pay it back, why should they be on the hook? Offer a payment plan of $50 a month till it paid off, if she doesn't like it, say ';Its what I can afford to do, and thats all there is to that! Have a nice day!'; You owe the money, now you need to act like a grown up and make arrangements to pay it back. You probably should take the gift cart and take the money off it and send them their first payment! Just a thought! Good luck! And yes, they think you should do what ever you have to do to pay them!
You can still send them the money. They will accept it even if it is late.
Ask a good friend or a parent to borrow the money. Write and IOY and tell them that you will pay it back in a year. What is family for? Surely they could loan you the money if you need it. That woman should keep her personal life to herself. You didn't ask to hear a sob story or be badgered. I'm sure that she's just stressed out from her work.
She was bullying you because that's what they are told to do--strong arm anyone who is way overdue. But, you needed allow them to easily do that. Figure out in advance how much is the maximum you can pay right now and then tell them firmly but not angrily how much you can do each month. They'll huff and puff but in the end they'll agree to it because anything is better than nothing. Then when you get your new job, make sure you increase your payments as much as possible so you won't be paying off just the monthly interest. And after you've gotten it paid off completely, make sure you don't allow yourself to ever get into that situation again, try not to go into debt (so all the money you make is YOURS).

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