Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to build up girlfriend credit?

My girlfriend credit is poor or they say she has none. Around 9 years ago she filed chapter 7 bankruptcy, but since than she has had no credit. Until she got with me she never even applied for any type of credit. The only bad credit she has are some med. bill. We want to build it up but she can't get approved for anything. Whats the best thing to do????How to build up girlfriend credit?
She's got to find somewhere that will give her credit, and she has to pay back what she owes, in full, and on time. This will build her credit and allow her to do the same with other agencies.

If she's already filed for Chapter 7, she'll have to prove herself even more. That's pretty much a stamp of ';failure';, which can make businesses/companies/banks very leery of offering her credit. Like one of the previous posters said, keep your finances separate.How to build up girlfriend credit?
I think you want to go get her a type of loan ,like a car :) least that you can get,then keep the loan very very good.
have her open a money market account and she will get a credit card to start building her credit then a couple of store cards but only charge things you can afford to pay for in full when the bill arrives no minimum payments please. Let the credit work for you and not against you...
The best ad fastest way she can establish some sort of credit is with a secured credit card. my parent wanted to buy a house and since my moms credit wasnt great and my step dad didnt have any credit due to bankruptcy 20 years ago they told him to get a secured card and within 6 months they bought there house
The best thing for you to do is keep your finances separate.
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