Sunday, November 14, 2010

$5000 secured line of credit credit card?

I'm 18 and I need to but something that $4500 and I can't get a loan because I have no credit (not bad credit). So I'm trying to get a secured line credit of $5000. If I used $4500 in one month, how long do I have to pay it back? I'm still confused with the workings of credit cards. Do you have to pay the amount you used in full in one month or do you have an extended period of time? Where can you get a loan that doesn't require credit and can give an amount of $4500?$5000 secured line of credit credit card?
You deposit $5000 into an account to a secured credit card.

The terms are dictated by the financial institution.$5000 secured line of credit credit card?
If you had a credit line of $5000 it would be find to use $4500 and you could pay the minimum balance ($4500 + interest) every month rather than pay it all at once.
Dont get a credit card youll regret it
Don't listen to Mary Moon, paying interest is a waste of $$ and won't help your credit at all. Buy that item, pay it off ASAP, then maybe charge like a tank of gas per month or something to get your credit going.
By you not having credit at all that will be hard, so if you get a secured line, which means this card is secured by your $5000.00, then no you don't have to pay this amount back right away, you will have to pay a monthly amount plus finance charges. Check aroung with some of the card companies and see what your monthy bill will look like, and see if you can handle it. You have to understand that this is just like they extended you credit, and must be taken care of in the same way. They will report your credit history to the three credit bureas, so you have to pay in a timely manner, and not let it get over the limit. You may also want to pay some of this bill down before time, so that you can get below the half way mark on your credi card, like at about $2500.00, so that your debt ration will look good. I would suggest you get some books and articles on credit and read them.
If you don't have $5000 cash, you won't be able to get a secured credit card for that amount. Secured credit cards require a deposit. You can try to apply for a capital one credit card for those with no credit. The capital one standard platinum card is a great credit card for those with limited credit but wish to obtain a credit card.

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