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How/Where can I get credit card with little to no credit history?

I have never had a credit card. And I do not have bad credit just no credit history. Where is the best place to find one so I can start builing my credit?How/Where can I get credit card with little to no credit history?
credit cards are bad!!! trust!!How/Where can I get credit card with little to no credit history?
go to and sign up for a Credit Card this site has all the major credit cards

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Years ago I got into the credit card circus. and I ended up going bankrupt because I didn't understand how credit worked, so I would think the best thing for you is to get a secured credit card from your bank with $500.00 dollars on It that you have to give them upfront, then you charge off of it and make your monthly payments to show the bank and credit score companies you can handle your credit and after a while the will offer you credit cards but watch your credit card interest rates and make your payments on time so you build good credit,

the higher your credit score the lower your interest rate on your cards. don't let them get out of hand, and don't get to many cards,
If you have a job, I found interesting information about your answer %26amp; the best credit card options here. http://all-debt-consolidation-loan.blogs
There are two ways to do this...1 Normally retail stores will offer you a store card. For example JC Penny's. Retail stores are very relaxed in their rules and credit score standards when they give you a card. This can help you build your credit up. Unfortunately, they usually have a low introductory APR, then after 6 months the rate goes to 22%. 2 get a secured credit card. A secured credit card is basically a pre-paid credit card. Most banks offer them. This helps you build your credit without going to store retailers. In my professional opinion, this is the better avenue you will want to take. The only down fall is normally you have to have $300 or so to put into the card upon opening.

Both of these options will help you establish credit. After 6 months or so, try applying for an unsecured (regular) credit card with your bank. It is best to apply where you have your checking account. By soing so, this enforces your relationship with that later on down the road when you want to purchase a vehicle, you have the trust and relationship already built with them.

Keep in mind....try to keep your total balance on your credit card less than 75% of its total limit. When establishing credit, you want to keep your credit looking good. Also, once you apply for a regular credit card with your bank, get rid of the store cards. They can sometimes look bad on your credit report. Also, it is best to spend something on the card at least once a month. This will continue to show a trend that you use the card and pay it off. Building credit may take a while before a bank will lend you large dollar amounts. Also, check into your bank's Identity Theft Program. ID Theft is EXTREMELY COMMON!!!!! You want to protect yourself!!!! Eventually, ID Theft Protection will be purchased just as often as car insurance!!!!! Lastly, see if your bank has a rewards program!!! Even if there is an annual fee, most people spend way more on their card than what the small annual fee is. By the end of the year, take a free trip to Jamaica!!!
any bank .they will start you with a low credit amount .
sorry mimi i have never had a credit in my long life....but in oz i dont know if its the same there...but we have whats called a debit card...where you use your own money...from your savings...its much safer..and you dont get over your head in debt.....i dont know if this helps at all..but i will make enquiries and get back to you......cheers....seamanab
Check out here you are able to compare all major credit cards side by side on rates and rewards, GOOD, BAD OR NO CREDIT they have the right card for you. Good luck
I am going through the exact same thing...and I know how frustrating it is. Someone told me fifth third bank has a starter credit card, so you might try that.

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