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I am a student with NO credit. What credit cards will accept me?

i have no credit and I want to build good credit. I am 18, full time job and full time student. I have been applying for student credit cards with discovery and mastercard but they are all denying me. HOW DO YOU GET A CREDIT CARD WITH NO CREDIT?I am a student with NO credit. What credit cards will accept me?
Hi Krista,

Have you tried a student credit card? I did a quick google search, and found findcollegecards that has a decent sized list of cards that you can apply for. Try Citi Bank, or a bank like that to see if you get approved.I am a student with NO credit. What credit cards will accept me?
1. Stop applying IMMEDIATELY. Every application hurts your chances of ever being approved. You should wait at least a year after each application before you apply again.

2. Some banks offer ';secured'; credit cards to depositors with no credit history. Go to one of the banks that offer ';secured'; credit cards to depositors with no credit history. Deposit money there. Obtain a ';secured'; credit card there. Do not apply for any more credit cards until you have built a good credit history using the ';secured'; credit card.
I would suggest checking out a few options.

1.) You stop applying right away and try to build up your credit so than credit card companies will be interested in you and you can easily find tons of offers.

2.) Check out and look into a pre paid credit card...these really work and can be a good starter card

3.) Check into a secure credit card

4. ) Apply for a student credit card -
creditcardlocators can help you with what you need.

They offer you an easy way to browse and compare over different types of credit cards/debit cards to find the perfect match.

Whether you are looking to rebuild your credit, have a new credit history or /and earn rewards and points.

Just search creditcardlocators on the search engine for more information.

just click on student credit cards.
Be thankful they are denying you. 99.9% of young people who got a credit card with the notion of building good credit ended up regretting ever having heard of a credit card. For many, their parents ended up regretting even more than they did. Get a checking and savings account with a credit union and save up $500. Pretend the account is a secured credit card and as you use it, set up a repayment schedule at 12% interest. At the same time, keep adding money on a regular basis. Keep doing that until you are 25. The credit union will see what you are doing and will extend credit for a car when the time is right. Probably two or three years from now. The car payment history at the credit union then becomes your history. Whatever you think of my opinion - that's you choice. Just do yourself a favor and find anyone in their 20s who can tell you having a credit card was a good idea. I was 26 before I got my first card. Life was fine. Still is. Its now 40 years later and I've paid my card balance in full every month. Get the idea?

Getting a secured card is a very bad idea. You would be doing the same thing I suggested above but telling everyone you (a) applied for a non-secured card and got turned down and (b) your not competent enough to handle your own money so you gave it to someone else to give back to you minus a big charge for their work. That's a lousy record.
Easy. Get a small pile of cash together (at least a few hundred), then apply for a secured credit card. With this type of card, your credit limit is whatever amount of cash you can put in at the start, so they don't care what your current credit score is - as long as you have some cash, you can get a card.

Once you've used such a card for a while without problems, you will improve your credit score, and will be able to get a real credit card.

Here's a site that has a bunch of secured cards you can apply for online:
You are applying to the wrong places. My kids didn't have any problems, but they didn't initiate the applications; they waited for the credit card companies to send them pre-approved offers.

Look at department score cards. They are frequently easier than bankcards.
You can apply online for a Secured Credit Card It has NO Credit Requirements and NO Income Requirements. It also has Credit Bureau Reporting. I'm sure you will be approve.

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