Sunday, November 14, 2010

Credit ?

Im 18 with zero credit history and im having trouble building my credit. My parents have bad credit so i have no cosigners. I cant buy an old car or anything. So i started small. A credit card. I was denied. How am i supposed to build credit when im not givin a chance? Where can i go to get a credit card?Credit ?
Start out with a secured credit card. A secured card is a credit card that is secured by a savings account.

Make sure you select a secured card from a bank that reports to all three major credit bureaus.

Good LuckCredit ?
Also you can invest money in a CD, then take out a loan, using the CD as collateral. But check to make sure the bank will do this first because some banks do this and others won't....check before putting the money into a CD and then they tell you that you can't use it as collateral....just try a few banks...
what you will want to do first is check with all 3 of your credit reports to verify that there is no incorrect information listed on your reports or accounts that do not belong to you, or accounts that have gone to collections you are not aware of.

I only mention this as there would be no reason you would be getting declined, that is not common in the credit world.

Use this link to view all 3 of your credit reports for free once a year from all 3 major credit bureaus

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