Sunday, November 14, 2010

Credit/money crisis, need help ASAP?

Here is some background info before I tell me story:

I'm a college student/recently unemployed

Live at home with parents to help take care of disabled father

Little money coming in, my parents have never helped me because they're worse off than I am.

Ok, so my dad had surgery two weeks ago. I've been back and forth to ICU which is 100 miles each way. I've had major car repairs that have been done/need done. I've maxed out my credit cards and my loans through my bank for my car are slowly becoming late. I don't know what else do to. I'm in desperate need to get my front end aligned because I keep having to buy tires. I just need a reliable - no frills - easy to get approved for bad credit credit card so I can buy gas and make my car repairs. Does anyone know of any good ones? Please no judging, it's a very hard time right now and I need advice on how to get some credit before everything crumbles even more.Credit/money crisis, need help ASAP?
Sorry about your troubles. Unfortunately, you are out of luck. Any credit card you apply to would likely turn you down and if you find one it will be with ridiculous interest rate which you don't sound like you could afford.

Without a job, I don't see anyone being able to approve you for credit. Your first priority really is getting a job and basically look for any way you can earn extra money (recycling, yard sale, etc..)

Even if you could get a credit card, all it will do is buy you a little bit of time then it will be maxed out as well and you will still not have any means to pay anyone back.

Good luck.Credit/money crisis, need help ASAP?
You can't. Credit is tight and being unemployed just lowers your ability to obtain a card.
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