Sunday, November 14, 2010

My credit card companies refuse to raise my limit or lower my interest options?

I have three credit cards with low limits ($300-$350 each) and the balances are pretty much at the max. I haven't been late with any of them in over a year, and I make more than my minimum payments, but with the monthly fees and annual fees and interest, I can't seem to get the balance down. I haven't used the cards for any purchases in 6-9 months at all.

I called each CC company today to see about lowering the interest or raising the balance and they all refused. I'm now looking for other loan options to consolidate these. I filed a BK7 in 2007 and opened these cards to help improve my credit, and now my credit scores are 534, 591, 648. All I want to do is pay off these cards so I can put the money into my savings, but these companies are making it difficult, and between my own bills and my savings I can't afford more than what I pay.

Anyone have any experience or ideas? I did a ';bad credit credit card consolidation'; google search and just got Pay Day loans - NO way. I can take out extra money from my student loan, but I don't start until September, and I'm trying NOT to be repaying so much money per month when I'm going to school, too. I live in Las Vegas, NV, if that gives anyone any local company considerations.

These are my cards and rates as of now.

Capital One: $300 limit, $251 balance, 17% interest, no annual/monthly fee, $25/month payment

Orchard Bank: $300 limit, $231 balance, 20% interest, no annual/monthly fee, $25/month payment

First Premier: $350 limit, $350 balance, 20% interest, $7 month/$48 annual free, $32/month payment

First Premier: $300 limit, $278 balance, 20% interest, $7 month/$48 annual free, $32/month payment

I have a very tight budget already, and REALLY don't want to dip into my savings. I just need to figure out how to get out of this debt (albiet small, but it's still driving me NUTS) so I can start saving more money. :-)My credit card companies refuse to raise my limit or lower my interest options?
Sorry, but there's no way to ';get out of it';.My credit card companies refuse to raise my limit or lower my interest options?
It doesn't even make sense to look for a consolidation loan for balances that low (total = less than $1200). Low as they are, you ran up the balances. Now you need to just tighten your financial belt a bit and get them paid off. You need to make monthly payments at least three times the ';minimum payment.';
The only thing you can do is increase your income.

If that means taking on a second part time job so that you can put every penny towards this debt, that is what you have to do.

The reason they are denying you a credit increase is because you have maxed out your card! Therefore, you look like a bad risk.

You also are not going to get a loan to pay these off with your credit scores.

Sorry, but the only thing you can do is earn more money somehow and place it towards this debt. And, it shouldn't take long to pay these off..they are relatively low balances.
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Have you considered consolidating all of your credit card debts into one monthly payment?

Some loan consolidation companies will take all pay off all your credit card debts and combine the balances into a single low interest loan. Typically the interest rates depend on your credit score but on average rates will be less than 8.9% APR which is way lower than your credit card interest rates...

It works in the same way as student loan consolidation and could reduce your monthly repayments to something more manageable and you will see your balance reduce much quicker too.

This website has nothing much to do with credit card consolidation but details the benefits that consolidation companies can offer.


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