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How can I get a line of credit with poor credit score?

I'm a homeowner, no equity, need home repairs, high debt ratio and want to pay off my bills. What company would give me a line of credit; credit score low 600's. Need help now.How can I get a line of credit with poor credit score?
If you lend someone your hard earned money out of the kindness of your heart -- you expect to be paid back. Right? Imagine you lend your friend or your mom $5000? Would you be upset if they didnt pay you back? I would bet that you would probably not be very happy -- I'd even go so far to say that you would complain to them and continually harass and remind them until they paid you back... Ah, now put yourself in the position of a bank who lends to thousands of people. If nobody paid them back the bank would lose a lot of money and go out of business. So when you ask can you get a loan with a low score, it leads me to believe that you don't understand how the credit score system works.

Banks lend money to people for a small fee which is usually a percentage of the overall loan. This is how they profit from loans and can continue to stay in business. However when someone doesn't pay their loans back in a timely manner, the bank loses a lot of money. When a lot of people aren't paying their loans back they run into all sorts of problems! And so for banks and other lenders to make sure they can stay in business and continue to offer loan products, a credit scoring system was developed to rate people based on the likelihood that they will be pay their loans back. People with lower scores have lower scores because their credit report has a history of missed or late payments. Enough of these entries on your credit report and not only will you have a low score but you will immediately make yourself look like a high risk to a bank with little chance of return -- and in effect banks and lenders will not lend to you. So if you want a loan, the trick is to show that you can handle it. One way to do that is demonstrating that you have enough income to pay your loans in a timely manner. Primarily, however, to make yourself look even more attractive to a lender -- e.g. they will make money from you and not lose money -- showing that you are responsible with your bills and debt is the only real way -- and that is reflected in your credit score.

There are very few companies who, especially now will lend to people with poor credit ratings, and the ones who do are usually scamming people which in turn puts them in a worst position.

The best thing to is build your score -- it doesn't take long for short term changes like account balances, payments, and available credit to show up on your credit report and effect your score -- likely these are the things to have impact over the short term, and you have a better change of fixing your score if you try to address one of those issues, which you can do easily in a matter of weeks.

Here are my 10 steps you can use to build your credit score quickly. I raised mine to well over 700 points fro 500 using these steps in less than a year:

1. Know and Track Your Credit Score (be sure to sign up for the free trial of your credit score monitoring listed on the article below. It really helped my get my score up.)

2. Never Miss a Payment, Starting Today

3. Never use more than 20% of your Available Credit

4. Keep Credit Cards that Have No Annual Fees Open For as Long as Possible

5. Extend Your Credit Limit on Cards You Already Have before You Get New Ones

6. Get Credit Cards that Have CashBack Rewards to Contribute to your Balance

7. Transfer Your Balance to a Credit Card with a Lower Interest Rate and a Higher Available Credit-

8. If You Think You Are Going to be FORCED to Pay a Bill Late Ask for an Extension or Payment Plan

9. Take out a Small Personal Loan and Repay it Over a Year

10. Ask Someone With Good Credit if They will Account Shadow you

When you're trying to build a solid credit score it's important to get a comprehensive view of what is actually effecting it...

Your Credit Score (also known as your MyFico score) is calculated with the following breakdown:

* 35% - Payment History

* 30% - Credit to Debt Ratio

* 15% - Credit History

* 10% - New Credit

* 10% - Credit Types in Use

If you excel in one area and lack in another, only fixing the areas which you lack are going to improve your score.

How Can I Increase My Credit Score


Take a couple of months to boost your score just enough to get you back on track to getting the loan you need for your repairs!

Good luck!How can I get a line of credit with poor credit score?
Not knowing where your state is ,I'm going to give you three states that ';ve had a house in.

What you may try is a reverse morgage, bank owns your house, and the more this goes in thought, I think your not going to be able to do repairs.

Sorry but if you work out a payment schedule with the credit cards co. things will come together.
With the looming mortgage crisis a lot of lenders are tightening their credit standards. Since you have no equity in your home the only way to go would be to refinance your first mortgage with a sub-prime lender, not guaranteeing anything but it's at least worth a phone call. Try House Hold Finance, Ameriquest or your local bank as most of them will have a sub-prime contact they can refer you to. Remember that you will have closing costs with the refi. If that does not work call the companies you owe money to and work out a payment plan, most will cooperate.
you do not need a line of credit you need a second job and get the high debt down -- incurring new debt will just cause more problems!!!
It will be hard with poor credit. When I opened up my newest bank account I was offered a credit line and was told I have wonderful credit (I don't own a house or anything like that). I'm in Canada so I'm not sure how it works in the US. I was given a $500 credit line for my good credit if I should ever need the money.

You could improve your credit score possibly? Pay all bills on time. That's the first thing you should do anyway. Pay off your bills.
you need the could've done a refinance with FHA up to 95% LTV!

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